• energy Lower Energy Cost
  • heat Block Heat and Glare
  • privacy Enhance Privacy Matters
  • improve Improve Appearance
  • fading Prevent fading of Interiors Furnishing


Make Your Home in Houston Cooler & Safer

Sun Master Glass Tinting proudly offers a fine selection of transparent window films for residential and commercial application. These films work like a sunscreen by blocking out infrared and solar heat as well as ultravoilet light.

This means protection against interior fading, glare and temperature fluctuations. Energy costs can be dramatically reduced by deflecting exterior heat in the summer and retaining interior heat in the winter.

This time when Hurricane hit Houston the only thing we were not worried about were our windows. We were really amazed when one of our window was stuck by a flying debris, the window got smashed but the entire glass was held by the film which saved our house from the rain water, as it kept the glass intact. We also found substantial heat reduction in our house and fading of our couches near windows. Thanks to Sun Masters for this great product and amazing price which is very affordable.
Amir – Houston Texas

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